Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birds will be birds

Just before dawn the birds started celebrating being birds. My bedroom is on the top level of my town home. I wake up in a tree house because the tops of the trees are just out my window. I wake with the birds every morning and it is a cheerful way to meet the new day. This morning I was especially happy to celebrate the day with them.

Yesterday I started radiation therapy. I got to see what the astronauts saw. Apparently, the astronauts would sometimes see flashes of light caused by the gamma rays. My friend, Eugene told me to expect this.

The technicians make a "mask" to hold one's head in the same position each time you receive treatment. It is easy to breath, but it is still very confining. The treatments only last about 15 minutes. Altogether, the treatments are not much of a bother and I only have 33 sessions left. I will be finished with this in mid July. Just countin' em down for now.

I have noticed that while the birds are here, they great each day with their cheerful noise. It doesn't seem to matter to them whether the day follows a very cold night, is cloudy or rainy. They always seem happy to greet it.

Should I greet the day with less joy than these?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

It is good when the birds sing.

We have been thinking about you.

Mike & Jane